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Are you ready for the total destruction? Stillbirth is coming like a Tsunami and will smash your ears after a few seconds. Nasty Blastbeats, heavy grooves and sick slams combined with the stageenergy of 10 raging Bulls. Get your beachshorts on because it’s surftime. With a blunt in one Hand navigating through the storm.

Stillbirth from Hagen / Germany was founded in 1999 by former Guitarist (now Vocals) Lukas Swiaczny and plays a mix of Death Metal, Grindcore and Deathcore. Or like we call it „Brutal Surf Death Metal“. Stillbirth is also famous for playing live with their own branded swim shorts.


Stillbirth have been on stage for more than 20 years. With over 1000 shows in more than 35 countries, the band is a veteran in touring. Besides the 8 full length albums Stillbirth has also released some split CD’s and an EP.

Among the notable festivals the band has played are Summer Breeze Open Air, New Jersey Deathfest, Deathfeast Open Air, Partysan Open Air, Mehsuff Open Air and many more.

You can expect a smashing and energetic live show which will force you to bang your head.

Lukas Swiaczny


Lukas founded Stillbirth in 1999 and was doing the guitar and backing vocals part until 2014. Then he switched to Lead Vocals and the Album „Global Error“ was the first Album with him on vocals only. Lukas is also managing the Band and is writing all the music and lyics which Stillbirth releases.

Martin Grupe


Martin joined the band in 2017 and with his extreme drumming has helped Stillbirth sound more brutal now than ever before. He has already demonstrated his skills on several European tours and a full Asia tour.

Lukas Kaminski


Lukas joined Stillbirth in 2019 as a second bass player. He supports the band in songwriting and especially in all our tech issues. His bass skills bring the music of Stillbirth the certain kick and variety that make up the band.

Leonard Thoma


Leo joined Stillbirth in 2021. He is his very talented and fast guitarist. His solos are brutal but also melodic and he brings the spice to the music that gives the kick.

Szymon Skiba


Szymon is the youngest member of Stillbirth and joined the band in 2022. His guitar skills not only bring the right chug to the rhythm section but also inspires during the solos.

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