the fight is over
it’s time to heal the wounds
the journey was exhausting
blood and guts have paved the grounds

one last breath
in this slaughterhouse
the rivalrys left behind
enemys becoming friends
pa, pa, pa, pa, party to retirement

oh, no more pain
i throw my blade away
now it’s time to free
your sould from suffering in slavery

alcohol, drugs and naked women
all cravings will be satisfied
the weed disappears in the vastness of nirvana

synthetic opiats
flying through your brain
the right balance of dosage is a true act of art

take of your clothes
no one can eluse this request
drink all your shots
the party is about to blow up
the train is running and it won’t stop

maximum consumption
the sky is the limit
ultimum exitium

wrong place, wrong time
rising aggression
vini, vidi, vici

oh, what a pain
i got a feeling like it’s yesterday again
oh, what a hit
open up this fucking pit

one punch closer to the knockdown
loud sounds the applause of the greedy
this will be a gloriouse day to remember

don’t fuck
with me

punch after punch
the blood is spilling out
you chose the wrong one
for your show off

bone after bone
i break them all alone
you think you’re smart
but you are just a fool

i fuck your daughter

i slit your throat
break your neck
stomb you down
now you know where you belong

the fight is over
it’s time to grab the booze
party hard all night long
until the sun goes up

let’s get back to business

the liquid gold
is flowing down the throat
challenging my sence of balance

overdose on acetaldehyde
internal cell destruction
decompostiion of the maltreated liver
makes you feel alive


a gently breeze
blows toward your face
the sun is up
it is time to grab your surfboard

the refreshing water
invigorates your sences
paddle out to the sea
and enjoy every breath you take
every breath you take

be patient, be patient
wait for the right situation
be patien, be patient
be ready when you feel the vibration

you climb up on the surfboard
a blue giant towers up behind you
could this be the perfect ride?
unstoppable and destructive

oh no,
where is the tunnel that leads you to the light
oh yes,
there is the tunnel that keeps your hope alive

controlled by the tides
you feel the waves breaking down
the unbending force is on the hunt
the uncontested alpha predator

only one chance to escape
a ride on the back of the maneater
do you got the right speed?
do you got enough power to escape

the light at the end of the tunnel
gets darker, and darker
disoriented and alone
you dive into the darkness

one last breath before gravity is
one last encounter with mother nature

trapt in a timeless environment
interminable waiting
your body becomes one with the tides
let it go and free your sould
the last spark of life extinguished
the flame of neverending hope
you encounter the true meaning
behind the theory of relativity

highspeed on the fast lane
stopping is no option
never thought about the devastating consequences
you only live ones

oh no,
mum forget your son, he’s not coming home
oh no,
another life perished by mother nature


lured by the sweet scent
of exclusivity
hunting down the prey
determined and unrelenting

the offer is huge
but you demand something special
seek and you shall find
the holy grail

the holy grail
will bring salvation

wariming up with
selected opiats
ready for the real trip
now you get the holy shit

pushing you instantly forward to the limit
everything get blurred, everything gets morphed
find your way through this parallel univers
surviving in an unexplored environment

is it real or is it just a phantasy
all bystanders are transforming into zombies
you are on your own, you have to fight the evil
a hero is born, it’s time to prove yourself

prove yourself, prove yourself
show them what you got
kill them all, kill them all
madness is about to start

grabbing the first weapon which is near you
hammering on the head of the walking dead
the brain bursts, the blood splatters
you are on a killing spree

alarmed by the painful screams
the horde begins to move
bloodthirsty and unmercyful
their only desire is to feast on your flesh

zombie apocalypse is here
and you are the only one who can stop the spreading

bring back all the suffer and the pain
you witnessed in the mighty arena

you grab a machete and you grab a chainsaw
double weapon means double fire, double fun
buttchering your way through the horde of the undead
free their souls from the burden of the devil

dead bodies are laying on the ground
good job your work is done
the trip has slowed down the fog has cleared up
warm blood on your hands, that’s not the blood of the undead
not the blood of the undead


what’s better than chilling on the beach?
a joint in one hand, a beer in the other
the palm trees wave in a gentle breeze
and a nice blonde girl lays between your legs

oh, my, god
it feels so good, don’t
let, it, go
you, will, not
leave this place for the entire day

the day is long, no rush to move on
the sound of the tides seducing your ears
release your anger, pain and fear
relaxe below the palms and the stress is gone

a silent enemy in stealth outfit is on the prowl
invisible and unmerciless, the time will do the work

the innocent victim
doesn’t know that it’s being hunted
the wind blows away the
traces of the lurker

full support of mother nature
no chance to sense the danger
sun is shining with full power
you don’t feel the pain

like a frog
in slowly boiling water
jumping out
is not up for debate

your skin loses it’s protective layers
exposed for a uv-rays overdose
your body is collapsing under the heat
now you are defenceless against the sun

the smell of roasted
human flesh is spreading
you don’t get any help
no need for begging

skinned by the sun
beaten by nature
you’re supposed to die

pull yourself together
and stand up
eye for an eye

roll one up
light it up
create a cloud
the sun needs to be blocked

only one way to survive
is smoking more
of the good shit

they call you the rainman
you are manipulating the weather
don’t give up
no, way
the only thing you wanted
is chilling on the beach


come on

party till we die
abusing alcohol
today we get high
the total weed destruction

facekick with a smile
acending to the sky
give me the
magic mushrooms

gimme that shit
i inhale, i inhale it
lets get high
party till we die

lets get drunk
until, until this motherfucker gets down on his knees
afflicted by infirmity
spitting out, vomiting,
nothing left inside his body

this toxic secretion
polluting the ground
corrosion, contamination
destruction of the biotope

mother earth reacts
to this waste of her creation
the ground is shaking
you can feel a hard vibration

torn from the dream
back into reality
shockwaves from the underground
shifting the tectonic plates

we all know that the end is near
deceptive silence, harbringer of the fear
the withdrawl of the water should not
be interpreted as a surrender

sirens presage the symphony of devastation
kill all the remnants, swallow without hesetation
the titans are awaken
they’re not here to take prisoners

on the
you can see
a big wave rising

is coming
get sober
the time is running

no weed left
we are prepared for this madness
no drugs left
highly motivated
we don’t lose
the fight against mother nature
we don’t care
if it’s our last ride

grab your surfboard
we are ready to fight
running away
is a motherfucking disgrace
we are awaiting a heavy inpact
man by man, staying in the line

the liquid titan is crushing the beach
what a destruction, main goal is reached
there is no escape, there is no way out
pray to your gods and do it loud

but there is a badass group
calculating their next move

lighning up a blunt
surfboard in the other hand
looking straight into your eyes
this will be a big surprise

you can’t beat us
you can’t kill us
we survive in worst conditions
one more try
we deny
riding on the wave of terror

you are just a fucking prick
this won’t be our last day
this won’t be our last wave


Send by the gods
to free humanity
all races, all colours
unite against tyranny

the pain feeds the flame
burn down the hierarchy
inhale utopia
exhale the new era

staying together
rising the voice of peace
freedom and equality

a strain so pure you
can not deny
it help your mind
to free itself

humbly surrender to the spirit strain
only the worthy may taste the forbidden
from garden eden
mango kush

it delivers from the evil
from the kingdom, the power and the glory
the seductive demons will be banished
into hell

Send by the gods
to free humanity
all races, all colours
unite against tyranny

fight for your right
to live your life in peace
escape manipulation
and destroy those in power

#### chill ####

building up a new society
all the species are living in
corruption and greed
are out of the heads

mango kush, the strain of the gods
it makes the live worth living
all religions are banned
there is only one saviour

The Story of Strain of Gods

„Strain of God’s“ is a concept EP and the lyrical Theme starts where our previous Unique Leader Records release „Revive the Throne“ ends.

The gladiators are scarred from battle and they thirst for rest and relaxing time. The new king organizes a party on the beach for the Gladiators and their guests. The party escalates quickly and then things happen that no one could have imagined before. What exactly? You’ll find out in the 6 brutally groovy songs. But something is brewing in the sky. The violence of nature will soon show its brutal face.

Check this out...

Strain of Gods (EP)

Release Date : 19. November 2021
Artist : Stillbirth
Genres : Death Metal, Deathcore, Grindcore
Catalog ref. : 79542

„Strain of God’s“ is a concept EP and the lyrical Theme starts where our previous Unique Leader Records release „Revive the Throne“ ends.