S L G … C

the beginning of something big
depopulation program is setting up
one step to the trap, but you don’t realize
what’s in front of your mind closed eyes

now get ready for the mess, waiting for your interest
A spectacle similar to fictional…
now get ready for the mess, waiting for your interest
A spectacle similar to fictional entertainment


watch the world and follow the script
one step back and two forward
you need a conflict that you can

breeding rebels in captive camps
time in prison deepened
their extrimistic attitude

and enlarges the conclusion

religion is only a medium for purpose
equip them with weapons and train
them the art of war
the population is excluded
no one should see your perfidious plan

your puppets
conquer a landmark after another
and they are constantly invading vast parts of the land
building up
their reign of terror and recruiting warriors
the army grows and thrives and you are already rubbing
your hands
the instability of a country is your biggest business
you can enjoy the show as an outsider

you supply both sides with your weapons

this is only the prelude of your script
an insignificant country destroys itself
as soon as the smoke swirls are warped
you get the power with the help of your created army

but your plan has not included the unpredictability of human beings nature
your terrorists are becoming self-sufficient and bite the hand that feeds them
the conflict is widening and raging like a forest fire

who is the friend and who is the enemy
sting into action fight the evil
the weapons for the unholy mission
are killing innocents and civilians

but the profit is more valuable than a human life
the conflict is widening and raging like a forest fire

your own creation has become an enemy
the next chapter of the script
must be rewritten

you have to think of something else
to force the big enemies
into the great war
defense against internal aggression

you are the manipulator
the puppet master
the string puller
just a bad motherfucker
in the drawer are plan b and c
the right approach for every eventuality


inject the virus of the revolution
in the heads of a whole society
the opposition has to take the blame

by lies

the assassination sets bloodhounds on the wrong track
headlines spread like a pandemic infestation
the dissatisfaction leads to anger
people’s fists
are rising

by force of arms against the government
the enemy must be weakened from inside
more weapons to the raging crowd
collateral damage is accepted
let them do the work you’ve been supposed to do
and push em forward

political pressure of the allied powers
destabilize entire nations
through the media
advancing opposition combatants

the civil population is sitting on the fence
between ideology and the progress

the creation of opinions
seems impossible in a strangled world

manipulations and lies dominate the daily life

„panic spreading into the hearts of the innocent
government controls your mind body
get off of your knees
demand back what’s yours
your life your
precious soul your purpose
don’t be hypnotized by the Lies“

awakened by appeal for help
brother is sending military assistance
elites carry their struggle for fucking power

on the backs of the
little man
blinded by false promises
forced them into a hopeless future
where life is worthless


the script is written
strategic and confusing
subject to last-minute editing
and the right opportunity

the stage is albeit in darkness and is almost ready
down in the pit the first fanfares are tuning up

prepared walk-on parts are filled
most of the main actors have already taken up their roles

storytelling drama

soon it will be time for them to come on stage
ready for the curtain to rise

time for action will have come now
get ready

terrify the population
by fabricating and spreading
which frame the enemy as mad brutes
who feast on the
flesh of their victims and liberty

hammer the point to the home
including children getting massacred
circulate most nasty news they
need to share

in the midst of the ensuing mass hysteria
remind the people
about that you are divinipotent
remind them now

only you are able to eradicate
this hated cancerous threats
the propaganda machine is helping you to spread
this misconception

disbelievers are put on the pillory
you just hold a bludgeon
over their blasphemous heads
and if they get out of line
they need to be put

the bewildered herd is a big problem
you have got to prevent their roar
and trampling
you have got to distract them
you have to whip them up
fear and anger of the enemies

frighten the population
terrorize them

intimidate them they need to cower in fear

you constructed a major monster
that they have to defend theirselves against
that gives relief
it gives relief
that they were saved at the last minute


send the agents behind enemy line
hungry for infiltration
the deepest secrets drive them to the
paralysis before the first strike

under bond of “use them or lose them”
hacking their
systems confusion from inside
double damage with just one detonation
mass destruction

the locusts devour through every fulcrum
to imply the virus
goal constantly before their eyes
indulge in the full infiltration

under bond of “use them
or lose them”
hacking their systems confusion from inside
double damage with just one detonation
money-saving mass destruction

spitefull intensions lauches
the rocket
on its predetermined mission
convinced from the unawareness
of the enemy
left their own warning systems out of sight

one part of the enemy
is always invisible
cut off from their domestic supply

the danger from the
deep of the oceans
the silent backup for the defense
waiting for the right

intercepted located halfway
no premonition of the counterblow
preventing Reaction by sneak attack
someone puts his thumb on the start

now – let the games begin
the provocations
have done enough

use your hate and fight against them

vast areas of land have been devastated

the own prophecy fulfilled on the own territory
put the defense character in
the foreground
stupidity makes the barrel roll forward

Unite the hate in
only one voice
let the deeds follow the words
a nation of war

troop movements on all fronts
devastation in your thoughts

driven by the devil of retribution
and revenge
to give them back what they have done

man down



in the anonymity of darkness
the predators begin their chase of prey
like a vampire
they avoid
the daylight
searching for defenseless and surprised sacrifices

preparing for the next ordered
with the right amount of alcohol and drugs

testosterone and adrenaline unite to a
aggressive cocktail
unstoppable raging forces unleashed
nothing and no one can stop them

the most cruel soldier is the leader
demolish the door
break into the house and
lock up the men
the women and children
waiting for their part in this tasteless show

steal all what can be taken fast
mess up the house

after that
start to do body search on the women

now the fun beginns
by toughing private parts
is she unwilling
then force will employ

drag the men out of their temporary prison
the gun at the head
innocent tears are rolling down

one shot
one shot one kill
there is no light at the end of this tunnel

face to face with the death
the neverending nightmare runs off in slow motion
until reality catches you

loosen any buttons to reveal the nacked chests
the untouched meat is intended for the leader

rape is a weapon
even more powerful than a bomb or a bullet

the remains are divided by the hyenas
among themselves
the dinner is served

held her down and force her to watch the torture scene
while the other beasts
rape her family
in front of her
rape her family in front of her eyes

avert from the bleeding corpses
the leader is on the row
he invites everybody to gang rape her for the entire night

be careful not to kill her
the pain-limit has to be explored
a new sex slave in the harem
for every soldier for free disposal

mass rape is common in wartime
it spreads diseases
its stigma destroys families
and breaks down societys


you open your eyes and a dark prison cell stares at you
desperately you grope along the wall to find an exit

you don’t know anything about the world outside
and the world doesn’t know anything about you

guards inviding your shelter
and you don’t know what’s happening

using all kinds of sexual harassment
recurrent rape by the renegate soldiers

tormented with destroyed honor
abused and inseminated in front of all eyes

leave me alone
let me die here
you can cry for redemption
but your butcher will repeat his disgusting acts

once you are detained
you become the property
of the guards with the torture tools
but be sure
you’re not the only one
the big welcome party just began

you are blindfolded
defenseless against pain

you realize there is no escape
taking off your clothes while you are at their mercy
beating you hard with sticks and
drawing your nails and crushing your fingers
kicking you in the loins

electrical shocks in your breast and head
you are ready to die
next to you the same despair
the same pain
the same

i will make sure
you will never see the sunlight again
let the real torture begin
was just a prelude

the curtain falls
you try to take the surroundings
you can’t belive your eyes

guards began inspecting the dead bodys to find some live inside
this is a mass grave and your hole is
already lifted

you see it in their eyes
the pain they had to endure
the guards spear the corpses on
a hook
this is the final destination for every surviving

beaten to death
forced to rape
cutting of
testicals and pulling out teeth
the suffering is neverending

a tube shoved down your throat
, urine and feces were poured into your stomach

vomit rises up the esophagus
waterbording from inside

while you are tied up
you can watch your tormentors
dissecting your rip cage
organ dealers wanna
see their victims suffer


time stands still
empty seconds remain
they will arrive
your prayers are silenced

the wind carries
a message of fear and danger
the ugly truth of inevitability
slowly appears

stady stamping
the sound of their boots is hammering in your head
no gods interfere
you know the
judgment is here

they appear through the mist
In their death-bringing uniforms
ready to kill

guns are pointing forward
the defense line is broken
your last armed men are small obstacles
took their short-lived freedom for granted

trying to stop a mass invasion
rusty guns and boiling blood
are their weapons

in thoughts with the deceased
fight as if there’s no tomorrow
this is the last chance
for immortality
the history books will praise your name
never forgotten like david and goliath

ignorance of the manipulated human mind
now shattered in front of millions

the troops are smashed

one after another will be annihilated

the roads are covered with blood
neverending flowing stream runs
down the streets

do not expect any help
you are fighting on your own
your praised government
is marooning you

this war is already lost
it will creep into your dreams
try to hide and try to survive
the world has no need for another hero


the alert sign flashes on your monitor
a nuclear strike launched by the enemys
the civil alarmsystems
are screaming
underground shelters are the last refuge

leave the old behind
you can’t do anything
for them
leave your pets behind
they will consume your fresh air

the prophecy of dooms day
became real
evolution will never start again

and it wouldn’t erase the way things have been

child would cry if only eyes were able to see

you feel the detonation
the devastation is beyond
anything seen before
in thoughts with the dead you swear for revange
you are ready to risk millions
of lifes
the red button gives you gods power

all nations will be replaced with dust
you protect the
world from a new hell

upward you swirl
into the swirl of death shrills
discontented with the
nihilism as a new style of leadership

you witness the land of all misanthropes
into the
blackness as you spin
you act as a shark and move without remorse
violence produces violence

hit the holy grail
unleash the power of destruction
all embankments are torn apart
the world is
faceing with ruin

you can smell the smoked flesh
the stench rushes down the shelter
the world is
turned around
new rules have to be written
the cards will be reshuffled

your place is up high in the
food chain
the most redoubtable predator
with all vengeance you pray for the total destruction

one said war is easy
no one said it is fair

more rockets flash like lightning and thunder
streaking a
torrid blazing tail
it skims into the black void to disappear
then resurrect again in detonation

blood dripping from your forehead
you know you are nearly dead
one more hit on the red button

and the game is over
but you got the strength to push on as the rocks that you walk upon


outside on the streets
people are killed instantly
their fingertips
caughting fire

the flame spread
over the entire body
a grey liquid is dripping down their hands
scorching their fingers

nobody could i
magine that bodies can be burned and deformed like that

the hell opens the gates
you can’t
open your eyes
the smoke drives your tears down the cheek
your lungs refuse to breathe the hot air

and your body is covered in blood

parts are flying around
driven by the nuclear fog

trying to hide
the vulnerable parts of the body
a fragment of glass embedded in your neck
cuts off the skin torn apart

you can’t feel the pain
try to escape, try to hide
but the heat will follow you

your breath becomes short

your heart is pounding hard
the legs give way under you
your cloths are burned

but you don’t feel a bit of shame

you are to disturbed to get it
modesty has deserted you
need medicinal treatment
try to find some help

the death is hunting you
blood is again spurting out of the wounds
you are losing the race
it’s a big nightmare

suddenly the movements are slowing down
there are shadowy forms
people seem to run around
some of whom look like walking ghosts
their arms
held out from their bodies
a second later you realize that they had been burned

inconspicuous statues
embossed by fire
with an expression of suffering on their faces


mushroom clouds
rising up high into the sky

no more visions
no more visions
all life will
the sky turns black

firestorms are raging
cities are burning
great plumes of smoke,
soot and dust
is spilled into the atmosphere

run up the spiral staircase to annihilation
the premature
burial of nature

the sun is absorbed
black clouds are blocking the vital rays
killing frosts,
freezing temperatures bringing the death and let you die slowly

windswept face of dooms
nuclear fallout destroys every life on earth
starving people are killing their own bloodlines

epileptic doom of lacerated cannibals

the inhaled air is poison
destroying the lungs
only the
strongest can survive
so you abandon your young

great edifices leaking down
the earth looks old

inhuman humanity, always makes the wrong decisions
the end of a warful summer is the start of a
nuclear winter

mutated descendants
defaced skulls of radiation
condemned to capital
changed into weak willed subjects
ineradicable misanthropy

dig underground

the world above has fallen
the last shelters were build in the underworld

cut off from life as you
knew it
you eke out a bare existence


last survivors crawl out of their bunkers
the first rays of sunlight for years
faded memories of
a better world
utopia becomes malicious presence

devastation spreads the land
the scent of
decay fulfills the air
the magnitude of the disaster
denies the rebirth of vegetation

the search
for other survivors provides unimagined challenges
radioactive infested wildlife unsuitable for

dominated by anomalous mutated creatures
ever looking out for emerging threats

self defense is the only guardian
constantly facing the tomb

but the most dangerous in this cruel
are not the shadows in the forest
your own species is the new enemy
on the trip of survival


everybody is left to oneself

slavery and the hunt for men
the new rules determine
the behavior
desperate times call for desperate measures
the adaptability is stressed

teeth for
the strongest man gains the upper hand
step by step until the total annihilation
theories are disproved

again screams are echoing through the forest
another life is eliminated

step by step into a brutal future

there will be a last man standing
but his time is also running out

formula of eternal life is lost
soon his place will be adopted by a new hunter
fight until the last breath

About Annihilation of Mankind

„Annihilation of Mankind“ marks a milestone in German slam masters Stillbirth’s history. Faster, harder, more brutality and more groove are waiting to be unleashed. Top notch production brings the heaviness and sound that has put the band on the map for extreme music solidifying their place among the elite. Expect the classic hooks but also look forward to new elements putting the band on an entire new level. A must have for any brutal death metal and slam enthusiasts.

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Annihilation of Mankind (LP)

Release Date : 31. August 2018
Artist : Stillbirth
Genres : Death Metal, Deathcore, Grindcore

„Annihilation of Mankind“ marks a milestone in German slam masters Stillbirth’s history. Faster, harder, more brutality and more groove are waiting to be unleashed.