Venue: 229 The Venue
Address: 229 Great Portland Street
Zipcode: W1W 5PN
Country: United Kingdom
Beyond The Grave are pleased to present Slamming The Apocalypse a night of brutal slamming death metal held at 229 The Venue London, featuring:
Stillbirth (DE) – Formed all the way back in 1999 Stillbirth need no introduction and are guaranteed to bring the brutality.
Cenotaph (TR) – Another legendary band this time all the way from Turkey, formed over 30 years ago this is the real brutal shit.
Darkall Slaves (FR) – From Lille in France and signed to New Standard Elite expect a punishing lesson in brutal technical Death Metal.
Hurakan (FR) – Dark and twisted Symphonic Deathcore, Hurakan will take you into the void and beyond.
Kanine (FR) – Slamming Deathcore from Strasbourg who promise to bring the Karnage.
Coprocehpalic Mutation (UK) – Hailing from Slamchester, CxM will bring slams, slams and more slams.
Please note doors are at 18:00 with the first band hitting the stage soon afterwards