Venue: Masters of Rock Cafe
Address: Tyršovo nábřeží 5497
Zipcode: 760 01
Country: Czech Republic

Melodic-death-metal machine KATAKLYSM will bring its Goliath to ZLÍN in February 2024!

KATAKLYSM, FLESGOD APOCALYPSE, Stillbirth – 18.02.2024 – ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café

The unique, strong, uncompromising, aggressive, devastating, furious and burning melodic-death-thrash metal Goliath will attack on February 18th at the Masters of Rock Café in Zlín! His parents are the Canadian tough guys KATAKLYSM, who have been devastating the ears and souls of metalheads all over the world for more than 30 years with their passionate and loud death metal. ‚Goliath‘ is their 15th album in a row and is so brutally uncompromising, that it’s unforgettable! KATAKLYSM cuts like a well-oiled chainsaw, it doesn’t slow down, it doesn’t rest, it cuts and crushes everything in its path!

The iconic battle of David and Goliath is woven throughout the whole album, and the terrifying pre-battle jitters begin right now! Tickets, at a super introductory price, valid until 15.12.2023, are now on sale! Now it’s up to you, friends, how this battle turns out!

KATAKLYSM are bringing their long-time friends, symphonic-death metal masters from Italy FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE and German brutal death-metal Tsunami STILLBIRTH with them on tour with both new music.

On February 18th, it will be an absolutely devastating metal evening in ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café! Can you face it? We believe you!