Venue: Rebellion
Address: 2B Whitworth Street West
Zipcode: M1 5WZ
Country: United Kingdom
Hammerhead Events proudly presents: Flesh Fest The Second at Rebellion in the heart of Manchester!
2 days of relentless death metal from some of the worlds hardest bands
Saturday May 4th
Acranius- Germany🇩🇪
Gutrectomy – Germany🇩🇪
CENOTAPH – Turkey🇹🇷
Darkall Slaves – France🇫🇷
Colpocleisis- United Kingdom🇬🇧
Paediatrician- Hungary🇭🇺
Coprocephalic Mutation- United Kingdom🇬🇧
Putrid Defecation – Finland🇫🇮
Type A Secretor – United Kingdom🇬🇧
Dawn of Animosity – United Kingdom🇬🇧
Sunday May 5th
Stillbirth – Germany🇩🇪
Putrid Pile – United States🇺🇸
Sanity Slip – United States🇺🇸
Kanine – France🇫🇷
Operation Cunt Destroyer – Scotland🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
HURAKAN- France🇫🇷
Visions Of Disfigurement – United Kingdom🇬🇧
Pathogenic Virulence – United Kingdom🇬🇧
Capital Punishment – United Kingdom🇬🇧
StrXnded UK – United Kingdom🇬🇧
First 100 weekend tickets include an exclusive Flesh Fest collectors bundle which includes:
*A3 poster
*Guitar pick
*Ear plugs
***Physical tickets will be sent out before the show***
Share this around, spread the word and I’ll see you all in May!🤘🏻🔥🔨