We did it! The Europe vs. Goliath Tour 2024 with Kataklysm and FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE is officially over. We arrived at home and got our first propper night of sleep.

We wanna say thank you to Maurizio Iacono and Decibel-Touring for putting us on this amazing run. Thanks to Jason for being one of the best tourmanagers, to Stevie for helping us out every day on the build up, to Kataklysm and Fleshgod for being such great tourbuddies and to all the fans who came early to the shows and did a massive party with us. It was just an incredible time and we are very happy right now.

Big thanks to our boy Stephan Fabry for delivering heavy videos and pics every day. And thanks to our bros Geoffroy Eyp Mansard and Philipp Thielen for filling in for some shows and save our performances.

See you all on the next shows!

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