The time is running fast and our release of the new Album is coming closer and closer.
We play two shows to celebrate our release. One in our home country in the heart, Switzerland (at the Met-Bar Lenzburg) and one in our home location, Helvete Pub – Club – Live Stage in Oberhausen.
Of course we don’t want to celebrate alone and so we got some support for the stage destruction.
On April 8, 2023, we will hit Switzerland with Embrace Your Punishment and Kanine.
On April 9, 2023 (Pumpa’s birthday) we will be on stage together with Brutal Sphincter, Kanine, Embrace Your Punishment and Unhallowed Deliverance.
We can’t wait to unleash our new tunes on Distortion Music Group. If you don’t want to miss the events, get tickets soon, because tickets on both nights are limited.